“Missing” and “Deceased” AHS 72 Classmates

Please note that I posted 2 new lists of “AHS72 Missing” and “Deceased” classmates this morning (right hand side of this website). We really need eveyone to take a few minutes to review these lists and email ANY information you  have/know of re the missing classmates to the 40th reunion search/communications committee to: AHS40@LIVE.Com


About Atlantic High School 72 Reunion 2012 Delray Beach FL

Atlantic High School was born from the consolidation of two great high schools - Seacrest High School and Carver High School. The class of 1972 was the first "official" class to graduate from Atlantic High School due to the previous class having the option to list Seacrest, Carver or Atlantic on their diploma. Suddenly, it's time for our 40th reunion. Where did the time go? We want everyone to attend this reunion (still in the planning stages). But, finding classmates, especially 40 years later, even with today's technology, is very difficult: names change, people move and we know at least 40 have passed away. So, EVERY member of AHS 72 is automatically a member of the "search and find" committee. Serioulsy. If you even think you know where a classmate may be - call them! If you know a member of a classmates family - call them!
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