Reunion Need to Knows – events, hotels, deadlines, etc

Dear Alumni of the AHS Class of ’72:                                   July 26, 2012

Atlantic High Class Reunion for the Class of 1972 is scheduled for the weekend of October 19-21, 2012!  So get your party hats ready and get on board!

It is time to let us know that you will be attending and have you send in your checks ASAP. Deposits and scheduling time is now. Please rsvp NO LATER than September 19th (details on submitting your check below).

There will be 3 days of fun:

Oct. 19 -Friday Night ‘Start the weekend off’ Cocktail party @ Boheme Bistro on Atlantic Avenue.  Appetizers & drinks @ the beautiful outdoor courtyard.  Starting @ 6:30 -Come & get reacquainted with your classmates!

Oct. 20 – Saturday Night’s Big Dinner/Dance @ Old School Square Historic Gymnasium (former Delray Elementary).  Full buffet dinner w/ bar (2 cocktails included) & music from our high school days to dance the night away!  Starting @ 7:PM – midnight.

Oct. 21 – Sunday Bar-B-Q picnic at the new Lake Ida Park.  Full on cookout w/ beer & wine.

The total cost per person will be $150.00  (up only 10% from 10 years ago!)– this includes food, drinks, service, tips, decoration, music, booklet and event locations…etc., etc….

If you can only make individual events, prices are as follows:

Fri – $35.00

Sat – $80.00

Sun – $35.00

There will be a reunion booklet for everyone with original artwork by our well-known classmate, artist Paul Aho.  Please consider advertising.  Prices:    Contact Marianne Locklar :

We would like to publish everyone’s basic info: e-mail/home address & basic personal (married/single, kid’s names, etc) and occupation info. EMAIL THAT INFO ASAP to AHS40@LIVE.COM

Still looking for missing alums, so check attached list and HELP find someone PLEASE!!!!

SUBMIT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES (may have to be edited down to fit the space available)!
If you want send in some fun stuff:
-favorite teacher                                                    -High School crush
-best friend                                                              -most embarrassing moment
-best HS memory                                                   -favorite activity
-a few words about HS experience & it’s influence on who you are today
Again, email your info and or comments ASAP as compiling this info is a huge task!

We hope everyone can make this event!!  Each one has been fabulous and so far it appears we have approx. 100 + folks coming….

Also need volunteers to help w/: Hospitality group, Decoration/set-up committee, all round extra ‘hands’ for the weekend.  SO, please confirm you will be there and send your check  NO LATER than September 19th!
Make you check out to:  Atlantic High School Reunion and send it directly to:  Atlantic High School 40th Reunion, PO Box 4252, Boynton Bch., FL  33424-4252

All other info or questions: Email to

Can’t wait to hear from you!!!!!!!!!  

AHS (class of ’72)  40th Reunion Committee!
                                                Hotel Discount Rates:

                     DELRAY BEACH MARRIOTT:  10 NORTH OCEAN BLVD-DELRAY BEACH,  FL  33483-FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-561-274-3200- Room rates:  $169.00 to $189.00- Reservations must be made by Sept 19th, 2012

                      HIGHLAND BEACH HOLIDAY INN:  2809 SOUTH OCEAN BLVD.-HIGHLAND BEACH, FL  33487- FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-561-278-6241-Room rates:  $149.00-Poolside and Oceanfront  $169.00/$189.00- Reservations must be made by Sept 19th, 2012

                             HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS:  480 WEST BOYNTON BEACH BLVD.-BOYNTON BEACH, FL  33435-FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-561-734-9100- Group room rate:  $69.00

                             THE COLONY HOTEL:  525 EAST ATLANTIC AVENUE-DELRAY BEACH, FL  33483- FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 1-561-276-4123- Room rates: $120.00 to $199.00 not contracted with AHS

 There are a couple of other local options (just no discount):

Crane’s on the Beach / Sundy House / Seagate Hotel

The following is the latest Missing List. Some of these people have been identified as being on Facebook but they have not yet responded to messages sent to them nor have they sent info into Thus, they are still on the Missing List.

AHS 72 Missing List  
First Name Maiden Name Last Name
Dan   Allen
Nancy Allen  
Gaynell Allred  
Delores Alvarez  
Cora Amplo Brown
Karen Anderson  
Martin   Anderson
Katie Andrews Evans
Jesse   Arney
Robert   Asbury
Richard   Audette
Kathy Bair Bottcher
Joyce Baker  
Bob   Barber
Michael   Bean
Clayton   Bell
Steve   Berry
Jon   Billings
Debbie Billingsley  
Rhonda Blake Hacker
Bruce Blanchette  
Pat Boatwright  
Gloria Bober Galliers
Gloria Bostwick  
Tom   Bottcher
Curtis   Brown
James   Brown
Huran   Brown
Theodore   Brown
Michael   Bryant
Lynn Burns  
Catherine Burton Rogers
Julia Bush  
Teresita (Terry) Cabrerra  
Patricia Caldwell Andrews
Cindy Camburn Butterini
Ted   Camburn
Jeanette Carter  
Marion Carter  
Thomas   Chewning
Keith   Chaney
Tony   Childs
Earlene Clemons  
Oneida Cordero  
Charles E.   Cornelius
Laura Costa Cappolla
Donna Court  
Veronica Covington  
Cheryl Cowart  
Diane Criss  
Barbara Cuevas  
Barbara Cullen  
Michael R.   Dailey
Larry   Daughtery
Denise David  
Robin Davis McCray
Judy Dawson  
Phillip   Demps
Virginia Denson  
Elisabeth Desiderio  
Debbie Dezearn Thacker
Craig   DeYoung
Phyliss Dobrick  
Barry   Dobson
Cheryl Dobson  
Doug   Dodge
Maureen Doherty Bair
Paul J.   Drouet
Margie Dudley  
Edwina Duggins  
Barry   Dukes
Levi   Duncan
Eddie Jean Durham Kelley
Jim   Easterday
Gail Elliott Werner
Senella Ellis Johnson
Voudeline Elouidor  
Rita Evers  
Marie Fasone Howell
Evelyn Felton Temple
Robert   Ferguson, Jr
Artie   Fink
Lynn Fleshood Olson
Mike   Foote
Ronald   Force
Lloyd   Forrest, Jr
Sari Fort Blondell
Eddie   Francis
Evelyn Frazier Henderson
Jan Funderburk Masterson
J.P.   Gaines, Jr
Marva Gaines Owens
Maureen Gaines  
Christine Gainford Lussier
Frank   Gallaro
Marcelina Garcia  
Geri Gioviannzo  
Richard   Gordon
Darrell Gossington  
Leslie Gradisek  
Gayla Grant Hill
Patricia Greasmar  
Nancy Greene Kline
Robert   Griffith
Baxter   Grisby
Martin   Guth
Carolyn Haddock  
Mary Sue Hagen  
Jimmy   Hair
Sharon Hamilton  
Henry   Harden
Della Harmon  
Willie   Harp
Pat   Harrington
Phillip   Harris
Michael   Harrison
Nathaniel   Harvard
Charlene Harvey  
Bill   Hatcher
Michael   Hayden
Patricia Hayden  
Cathy Hennecy  
Daniel   Hensley
Kathy Herder Hoffman
Nathaniel   Hickman
Cynthia Hicks Albritton
Bobbye Hill Hill
Jackie Hill Beauchamp
Rogers R.   Holly
Geraldine Huggins  
Leslie Marie Hunt  
Barbara A Hunter  
Judy Hunter Andrews
Linda Inman  
Kendra Issac Bivins
Oveta Jackson  
Amy James Kilby
Linnie Johnson  
Sandra Johnson  
Cathy Jones Turner
Clayton   Jones
Robert   Jones
Dave   Jordan
Gail Kabler Wright
William   Kahn
E.J.   Kelley
Patricia Kelley  
Debra Keshka  
Karen Kilgore  
Nancy Killian Johnson
David   Kimball
Diane King  
Drake Jerome   King
Robert   King
Jean Kiska Sullivan
Chris Kuehn  
Steve   Kutzer
Louis   LaCava
Cheryl LaFountain  
Michael   LaFountain
James   Lake
Michell Lange  
Peter   LaPointe
Annette Lastella  
Gerald   Laster
Ashley Lawson  
Lorraine Lawson Johns
James   Leist
Charles   Lewis
Cynthia Lewis  
Jane Lewis  
Angela Lindsey  
Danny   Lingerfelter
Betty Loudin Graffe
Hester Luster  
James   Lynch
Ron   Lynch
Eugene   Mace
Sheila Mackey  
James   MacGuire
Sally MacLaren Hartley
Phillip   Malone
Susan Manuel  
Larry   Marsh
Alva Jerome   Martin
Ralph   McClure
Tom   McCord
Randy   McCoy
Greg   McDew
Margaret McFadden  
Blair   McGee
Michael   McMurray
Sara McMurray  
Cindy Mead Lund
Susan Merkle Shaffer
Judy Mikels  
Chris Miller  
Leonard   Mitchell
Michelle Mitchell Manley
Melvin   Morgan
Connie Mulkey  
Joanne Murphy Godwin
Letitia Murray White
Brenda Neal Edwards
Linda Nelson  
Larry   Newman
Margaret Newsome McFadden
Russell   Newton
Sarah Newton  
Robert   Nutty
Martha Olivella  
John   O’Neal
Tara O’Neill Tranter
Walton   Orr
Kevin   Ott
Donnie   Owens
Doris Owens Douglas
Denise Parham Cooke
Jim   Parnell
Linda Pasley  
Joycelyn Patrick  
Peggy Pendergrass Knuth
Annette Pennington  
Paul   Perkins
Nova Gail Perry  
Jennifer Perry  
Richard   Perry
Bonnie Pettiford  
Marion Pilcher  
Kathryn Pitts McGrady
Bernard Pizzimenti  (Schell)
Carrolle Plummer  
Richard   Pollard
James   Potter
Rick   Powell
Greg   Powers
Carol Priest Mays
Wesley   Prillaman
Steve   Rauch
Frank   Raulerson
Amie Razz  
Genie Rogers Williams
Jimmy   Rogers
Patricia Rogers  
Ray   Rolle
Gary   Rugg
Michael   Rumph
Charles James   Russ
Priscilla Ryncarz  
Nancy Sablon Anzardo
Peggy Jean Sanders  
Lynn Schletter  
Jay   Schaffer
Octavia Sharpe Sherrod
Melodye Shook Abell
Jim   Shortley
Michael   Shuler
Karen Skeels  
Sandy Small  
Carmelita Smith  
Jeff   Smith
Lyndon   Smith
Rebecca Smith  
Sandra Lee Smith  
Barbara J Smithwick  
Debbie Steinmetz  
Steve   Steinmetz
Willie   Stevens
George   Stoltz
Betsy Stroud  
Jeanne Sweat McGuire
John Walter   Tape
Rebecca Taylor Hoehn
Robert   Taylor
Sylvester   Taylor
Leroy   Temple
Lisa Diane Thomas  
Janet Tidwell Logan
Iola Tillman  
Jim   Tranter
Lillie Trice  
Sally Turner Lockhart
Lillian Urdl Vanhalen
Tom   Valukener
Rick   VanLenten
James   Vass
Rodney   Vicki
Beverly Walker  
Frank   Walker
Wendie Walsh  
Nathaniel   Ward
Lorene Wartick  
Ernestine Waters  
Stanley   Watson
Sharon Weiss Johnson
Johnny   Welch
Carla Wells  
Lenore Wells  
James   Wharton
Bruce   Wheeler
Doug   Whittacker
Wanda White  
Paul   Wickert
Delores Williams  
Russell   Williams Jr
Surrey Louis   Williams III
Thomas J   Williams
Gary   Wilson
David   Winsberg
Linda Womack Kemp
Sharon Woodside Anise
Debra Wright  
Roy   Wright
Veoletta Wright  
Wendy Wuebbonhorst Brisson
Ed   Yelvington
Tara Zidonik  





About Atlantic High School 72 Reunion 2012 Delray Beach FL

Atlantic High School was born from the consolidation of two great high schools - Seacrest High School and Carver High School. The class of 1972 was the first "official" class to graduate from Atlantic High School due to the previous class having the option to list Seacrest, Carver or Atlantic on their diploma. Suddenly, it's time for our 40th reunion. Where did the time go? We want everyone to attend this reunion (still in the planning stages). But, finding classmates, especially 40 years later, even with today's technology, is very difficult: names change, people move and we know at least 40 have passed away. So, EVERY member of AHS 72 is automatically a member of the "search and find" committee. Serioulsy. If you even think you know where a classmate may be - call them! If you know a member of a classmates family - call them!
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